Immerse yourself in Paris’ La Défense district

The most unexpected sight in La Défense is Patrice Moullet's musical workshop in the basement


Book an unique and unusual visit in the basement of La Défense

During your visit in the basement of La Défense, you will live an extraordinary musical experience!

Patrice Moullet welcomes you for two hours for an exceptional meeting in his underground workshop, located in the underground of the towers of La Défense, next to Paris.

Visitors will be able to play with several high-tech instruments already exported to various countries, including the M. I. T. in the United States, and live a new sensory experience by discovering all its sound possibilities.

The artist gives a live performance. It's your turn now.

Patrice Moullet's fantastic musical inventions

All the instruments that combine plastic arts and new technologies are imagined and designed by Patrice Moullet: the percuphone, the stretch machine, the hydraulic column (12 metres from haut ), the inclined triangular surface, on which a dancer performs a choreography that is transformed into music, the sun. . . and, the Omni, Patrice Moullet's musical sculpture. The unidentified musical object, a veritable "sound sculpture";, resembles a flying saucer decorated with 108 coloured facets. Its use is élémentaire : you just have to touch a plate to produce a sound.

About La Défense district:

Built at the end of the historic Louvre-Concorde-Arc-de-Triomphe historical axis of Paris, La Défense is the first European business district. From the CNIT to the Grande Arche, from the first towers of the 1960s to the more recent ones such as D2 or Majunga, the area reserves beautiful surprises signed by internationally reputed architects. Even now, renovations, developments, and new buildings allow the area to constantly reinvent itself.

Architecture lovers can enjoy to see The Grande Arche the most iconic landmark in this business district. There are plenty more architectural wonders to be discovered, too.
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Practical information

  • Duration: 1h30
  • Pickup location: métro Esplanade de la Défense, ligne 1
  • Size group: From 20 to 30 people maximum
  • Language (s):
Booking deadline: 1 day before the workshop date
Minimum number of people for the activity to take place: 20

Upcoming date: 08/06/24 16h30

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