You are visiting Paris or you live in Paris?

You want to live in Paris unforgettable moments?

You like Paris for the art of French living, gastronomy, fashion, crafts, architecture, music, art in general?

You want to enter inaccessible universe, meet artists behind the Curtain, and enjoy the backstage?

You want to meet talented Artists and Parisians?

Passtolocal offers unique and unusual Parisian experiences in the form of meetings with talented Parisian.


It's simple:

Each thematic Pass presents a catalogue of experiences.

You build your Pass with one or more experiences.


Make a reservation

1) You are asked to select an Experience, date, session and number of places you want from the catalogue of Experiences offered on the Website. 

A recap in the form of a shopping cart on the Website will allow you to check your Booking details.

2) You are asked to pay on the secure payment page Sogénactif Société Générale.

 3) Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive by email your Pass which is a recap of your order (and Booking details, pratical informations) and your invoice.

At any time, you can use your username and password to log in to and access your Booking details.

4)Please print your Pass received by email and show it at the ticket office or to the experience provider.

How to book experiences that have not yet dates?

Click on the link Contact passtolocal team. You will be notified by email as soon as there is an available date.


Special passes in the form of a membership of 3 months, 6 months or one year entitling the holder to a 10% discount on all products and to receive free experiences for two  as an introduction. 


Use of the 'Guest Pass' service

Upon becoming  members, the internet user may become 'local friend' in order to share their activities.

The ad then becomes public in the Parisians' Guest pass and can be viewed on the website.

This ad is a summary of the activity on offer, the district where this activity will take place, the first name of the local friend, their photo if they have uploaded one, their interests and the type of group to which the friend is offering the activity.

Your personal data such as their Email address and telephone number are confidential and will not published or shared with any other members.

If a member is interested in the ad, they click on the link 'send a private message to the local friend'.

This link takes the interested member to a form to fill in. In this form, the last name and first name and Email address of the member who wishes to contact the local friend are given.

This form is then sent by passtolocal to the local friend's email address.

The local friend then decides whether to respond  to the request.

If they do, they do so on a one-to-one and direct basis with no involvement of any kind on the part of who are not even notified.

The local friend who shares an activity receives no payment and must not request any compensation at all from members.