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Quentin Chaudat

Contemporary artist drawing

About Quentin Chaudat

My main concern is the designer line.

What is the center of my work is the polysemy of the line ( and the sake of the plot ).

The line " trait" which consists of figures or decorative elements. This is the superposition of the ink on paper in an alphabet of linear microwave signs used and reused to make FIGS .

The "line of compositions " that is built as and working with the heap of figures.

For me these lines are well on conceptual , as they provide an opportunity for general interpretation of the figure or the work, but before any formal since they give structural support to the viewer's eye which should enable it to circulate in the image of the micro- narrative to the overall narrative.

My drawings are not political or allegorical and descriptive by chance. My little ink and paper topics are free to act as it appears on their front line I draw them between the horizon and vanishing lines . My control is exercised only on the hand that leaves a black net on cellulose. You are free to do with it what you want I merely confine your gaze to catch in my net patiently sewn ink, stitch after stitch.

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