Dive into the fascinating world of ballet in Paris

"Behind the Curtain" Watch an advanced/professional ballet class with WAYNE BYARS


You will have the privilege of seeing close up Wayne Byars teach professional dancers. His class is unique and is  considered the "go-to" class for dance professionals in Paris. You can observe close up how Wayne brings the dancers into an awareness of correct movement. This experience is not a demonstration but an invitation to see how dancers of all styles, ballet, modern, jazz, cabaret, work with a master teacher. After the class Wayne will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. 

Practical information

  • Duration: 2h00
  • Pickup location: Studio Harmonic, 5 Passage des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris
  • Size group: From 1 to 8 people maximum
  • Language (s):
  • Children under 12 are not allowed.

    it's hot in a dance studio.


You meet

Wayne Byars

Wayne Byars is an American dancer and dance teacher universally recognized for the quality of its teaching.

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Booking deadline: 2 days before the workshop date
Minimum number of people for the activity to take place: 1

For the last 28 years professional dancers from Europe, the Americas and Asia study ballet with Wayne Byars when they are in Paris. In a typical class it is not unusual to spot dancers from not only the leading ballet companies of the world but dancers working with such diverse choreographers as Pina Bauch, Mats Eck, Jiri Kilian.

Perhaps this eclectic mixture can be explained by Wayne Byars’ unique way of teaching. Over the years he has developed a method based on kinetic science, the basic principles of movement, yoga, pilates and body mind centering and most especially Alexander Technique applied to classical dance.

Upcoming date: 14/06/23 14h00

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Description of the place

The studio is located in the heart of Bastille neighborhood in the center of Paris